Saturday, June 26, 2004

Peeping at the Peep Show

Regular reader Dave wrote me to ask:

I was wondering if you had any personal experience with peep shows and booths. I see these things advertised and have read up a bit on them in various places but I am still not quite clear on what goes on in these. There are a few adult bookstores in town that have them but I have never used one. Are these for lapdances? Is there any touching involved? Something I read mentioned that the guy is allowed to jerk off in front of the lady. Wouldn't this get one arrested?

The answer is: yes, I went to a Peep Show one time.

One of the Strip Clubs that I used to go to on occasion also had a few peep show booths. This particular club had the usual strip club area, plus an adult store with magazines and toys, plus video booths, plus the peep show. I'll just call it megasex. The peep show was first up, right inside where you pay to get in. 1 or 2 girls would be sitting there to tempt you into the booths. I always used to pass that right up and head into the strip club. I never did the video booths or the peep show until......

I started reading Diablo Cody's stories over at Pussy Ranch about working in a peep show. After that I had to try it at least once. So I found a way to megasex. I spent some time in the strip club to get myself into the mood in my regular environment. Then I went out in search of the peep show experience. I'd have to say it was a fairly odd experience. Here's how it went:

I walked out and introduced myself to the girl on the couch. Her name was Nadia. Pretty, but not stripper pretty. More regular girl pretty. Long brunette hair, slinky dress made to come off easily, dressy high heels.

Nadia was very friendly and was eager to introduce me to how this works. "What's involved", I asked. "Well, it's essentially mutual masturbation". Gulp! "Okay, let's try it".

Nadia played hostess to help me find a booth. "Let's see if this one on the end is ready. Uh oh, not quite." Nadia went in and got some paper towels and did some quick cleaning. "Okay, this one will do. You come on in here and I'll go around and meet you. Just pick up the phone and talk to me". So I go in with more than a little trepidation. What I found was a small little booth with a single black chair and a paper towel roll, a glass with a screen across it, and a phone. There was also a slot to stick money through.

I have to tell you I looked the chair over pretty good before I sat down in it. I was imagining the whole parade of guys who sat in it before me doing whatever I was about to do. Yuck. But I was fully clothed in business dress, so I took a seat.

"How much does this cost?", I asked into the phone. "I'm not allowed to suggest a price", Nadia answered. "You tip me whatever you feel is appropriate. Start with putting in money into the timer and then a tip into the slot". It was clear that the tips are how the peep show girl makes her money. Okay. How much time I wondered? I put in enough money for 10 minutes on the timer and slipped a $20 into the tip slot. The curtain came up.

Nadia was on the other side in a small cubicle of her own. It didn't take long for the pretty girl thru the glass to get down to business. Nadia was out of her dress in a shake and was talking dirty to me on the phone. "What do you like?", came the husky whisper. "I like what I see?" I fumbled in reply. The phone was a distraction to me. Visual was what I wanted and the holding the phone was proving awkward. I decided that I was paying for the show so I might as well be direct. "I'm an assman, Nadia, so show me that". With a little "all right" into the phone she twirled around and put on a little show for me. A shake and a spank. Visual and audio. Heavy breathing into the phone.

And then it was really show time. Nadia bounced up onto what looked like a doctor's examining table pointed at me. Feet up, legs spread, shaved cookie staring right at me two feet on the other side of the glass.

And then the curtain came down. Damn! Was that timer ticking too fast? Seemed like it. It's probably rigged. So I fumble for some more time on the timer and another $20 thru the slot. The curtain comes back up and Nadia is settling in.

Nadia starts in. Laying on the bench. Eyes closed. Phone cradled to her ear. One hand pinching a nipple, the other hand fiddling her clit. Heavy breathing into the phone for me - "Oh, Oh, fuck yeah".

Wait a minute, I think. Didn't she say mutual? No need to be shy. So I unzip my dockers and free my engorged girth. This is pretty hot and there's no problem having wood. I've got a sexy girl I just met playing with herself to beat the band right in front of me. All for me. We're stroking in synchronicity.

So I'm enjoying myself. I pull my chair right up to the glass. I'm thinking it would be pretty great to spray the glass with a fountain of my essence.

Nadia is really into her show. Now she's got 3 fingers totally plunging into her pussy and she's moaning into the phone. Before I know it there's a great orgasm, simulated or not I can't tell, going on in 3-dimensional living color. Wow! Impressive.

Now it's my turn. Get ready with the paper towels!

That's when I realized it. The elements are stacked against me. The awkward holding of the phone. The lightning fast ticking of the timer. And mostly the ever-present feeling that I was sitting in a germ tank that I didn't really want to contribute to. It's not going to happen.

Oh well. Back into my dockers. And I watched the enchanting Nadia until the curtain came back down. "That's it for me", I said into the phone. "I'll meet you outside."

I gave her a nice hug and thanked her for the experience and went out to my car unrequited. That's okay.

I'd say Nadia was great, but the booth experience was weird and freaky in a completely unclean kind of way and I don't need to repeat that experience.

To Nadia, my peep show girl, thank you baby for the nice show.